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We never believed, online gambling is something, only a few countries are allowed to play. Thus we obtained the list of online casinos that accept US players as well.

Gambling in an online casino should not be prohibited in the US. The people who have obtained sole licensing for the United States have lobbied years on end for the prohibition of online gabmling, but destroying the possibility for US citizens to gamble online, is like prohibiting Poker and Roulette. It's simply not justified.


Date: 27.7.11
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Date: 27.6.11
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Free spins or spin bonus rounds belong nowadays nearly already to the basic equipment of on-line Slots. This bonus function is released usually by the appearance of three or several „Scatter “symbols on the rollers. This structure or the format for free spins is defined and these, with fulfilling the mentioned conditions, automatically and without interaction of the player is released in most cases firmly. More about this type of bonus.

Some on-line gambling software developers offer to the players an option at free spins. With this option the player between a combination can select of multiplicators and the number of free spins. Only recently published an on-line Slot, Mile High from the house Vegas Technology, has this option. With the first https://www.goldmancasino.com/ the player can decide for 12-kostenlose spin with a two-way multiplicator, with second is it 8-kostenlose spins and a triple multiplicator and the third option offers 5-kostenlose spin with a quadruple multiplicator. Now however the question arises, for which the options mentioned of the players should decide…

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Generally one should realize oneself that it, which one can predict with none of the options the possible profit or the disbursement. The only possibility a kind statistics to provide would be, which one releases 10.000 spins with all available options and exactly of the obtained profits keeps account - a thing of the impossibility. It is very probably all options more or less a equivalent disbursement makes possible.

A simple calculation can be helpful however in the elimination of bad options. For this calculation however certain conditions or conditions must be accepted. Each of the options must be played with identical rollers. This meant that the number of each type of roller or symbol it would have to be identical on the roller, all the same which option was selected. From this then the disbursement for each spin of the respective options, which can be expected, follows.

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We assume the disbursement per spin, which can be expected, is defined as P. In the first option we get 12-kostenlose spin and a two-way multiplicator and the total disbursement which can be expected would be (12 x 2 x P) or (24 x P).

The second option makes 8-kostenlose available spin and a triple multiplicator; the total disbursement which can be expected would be (8 x 3 x P) or (24 x P).

The third option offers 5-kostenlose spin and a quadruple multiplicator. The total disbursement which can be expected would be (5 x 4 x P) or (20 x P).
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Under these conditions the third option became, as far as the theory, which offer smallest total disbursement which can be expected. Naturally all are only and alone on the coincidence dependent disbursements which can be expected.

One must note however from Fairnessgründen that these options were simplified represented around the calculation to represent to be able. The current computations are a little different. The disbursements would not arise each mark as in the examples; separate in each case with the assistance one „game of “symbol.

On the given conditions and our assumption this would not affect the computation however. The second adjustment is however more relevant. There is on-line Slot Mile High with that only two „game of “symbols and if both would arise, then the computed multiplication values respectively 4, 9 and 16 would amount to. This cannot be computed however also exactly, since we do not know the probability for the occurrence „the game of “symbols. All the same which would happen in this case; the third option is theoretical in this case, compared with the first two options, the better choice.