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Community Play Rangers currently work in 3 areas of Bath and North East Somerset; Keynsham; Norton-Radstock; and in Peasedown-St-John. Sessions are 'open access' meaning that children and are free to come and go as they please and are not registered. Children help plan the sessions and choose the kind of activities they would like. Sessions are free and run as follows;

Midsomer Norton 3.30- 6.00pm
Mondays - Gullocks Tyning, nr South Wansdyke Sports Centre.
Play Rangers: Dan and Kirsty.
Radstock 3.30- 6.00pm
Tuesdays - The Plantation, Manor Copse Road, Writhlington. Play Rangers: Dan and Lys.
Thursdays - Woodborough Road Park, Tyning.
Play Rangers: Dan and Kirsty.
Keynsham 3.30- 6.00pm
Thursdays - Downfields Park, Keynsham.
Mondays and Fridays - Kelston Road Park, Keynsham.
Play Rangers: Andrew and Stuart.
Peasedown-St-John, 3.30- 6.00pm
Tuesdays - Beacon Field, PSJ.
Mondays and Thursdays - The Rec, PSJ.
Play Rangers: Mark and Emma.
Session times may vary in school holidays.

Play Ranger sessions are Open Access Play Activities aimed at  5 - 13 year olds.
We believe it is important for children to be able to play outdoors freely, actively and imaginatively, able to take risks and be challenged.
Play Rangers are qualified play workers, trained and police checked. They are not acting as parents in the same way as a closed, registered After School Club worker.
Play Rangers are there to manage risks and enable children and young people to make the most of their leisure time and have fun by supervising and supporting children in their play. Children are free to come and go.