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Date: 27.7.11
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The principles for success of the Community Play Ranger project can be applied to all work and play with children. The work needs to be on-going, consistent and create focus, enjoyment and achievement.

Children are empowered by the free choice, 'openness' of the activity and being involved in planning and evaluation. Children feel safe and therefore enjoy taking risks and being challenged physically, emotionally and mentally Children are focused and challenged, but not pushed beyond their capabilities. Achievement promotes self-esteem and in turn produces happy children.

The outdoor space promotes interaction with, and awareness of the natural environment. Being given opportunities to play outside in all weathers widens horizons and develops a sense of self belonging in their communities and the wider world.

The project is by its very nature inclusive and is accessed by high number of children some who may be experiencing some level of social and/or educational exclusion.

Community Play Rangers provide children with role models and build positive relationships with children gaining their respect and trust. With this unique position within the community, effective engagement and preventative work can be achieved. Community Play Rangers encourage individual development and the development of social skillssuch as online slots without deposit.

Staff are well trained. All staff have, or are working towards a level 3 Playwork qualification. All have undertaken level 2 Child Protection and Inclusion training and have a paediatric 1st Aid qualification. Having a pro-active approach to seeking out new and exciting training opportunities helps to keep the project vibrant.