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We never believed, online gambling is something, only a few countries are allowed to play. Thus we obtained the list of online casinos that accept US players as well.

Gambling in an online casino should not be prohibited in the US. The people who have obtained sole licensing for the United States have lobbied years on end for the prohibition of online gabmling, but destroying the possibility for US citizens to gamble online, is like prohibiting Poker and Roulette. It's simply not justified.


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The profit line employment with on-line Slots is that amount, which is placed or used per profit line. Since all profit lines when playing the profit line employment will generally activate most players according to the formula total employment per spin divided by the number of profit lines computed. Players those rather responsibly their employments to place proceed exactly according to this pattern. They decide for a certain amount of play for the Spieldauer and adhere to it. These players can measure the average costs per spin on the basis their fixed limit on the basis the profit line employments. A frequently asked question is occupied with whether one should keep constantly a certain profit line employment during the total play duration or this dearer varied.

Around this question to answer to be able one should look at oneself first the possible reasons for a possible variation of the employment. Playing of on-line Slots can sometimes represent an affair of routine to become also boring can. Varying the employment represents from there a kind alternation of this kind of routine. In place of a profit line employment of €2 the player can quite decide for a variation of €1, €2 or €3. In addition, this will turn out after a certain time as boring. Is important, which happens if this, to switch one into the temptation does not come to the autoplay mode with the pay sky mobile function. Afterwards one does not have no more the same control.

Another situation gives to decide with that the player for a change of the profit line employment could. Many players believe that there is such a thing like profit and Pechsträhnen. I.e. if one won two or three spins a kind series will take place. This is complete nonsense. Each spin is produced by a random number generator and is coincidental each mark. Nevertheless this urban myth holds itself at a large number of players still and is firmly embodied in their Unterbewusstsein.

Which the players generally with such a situation do are the employments after each winneroo spin a profit brought in to increase and the opposite with a loss to do. There is unfortunately a small problem with this strategy. If the player should win five or six spins in consequence can it be that with the next spin everything is again lost, since one increased its employment automatically. For this reason one must use a modified strategy. For a maximum employment one should absolutely specify sch a limit.

An example of a modified strategy is the following: If the average profit line employment €2 should amount to and the player wins, he uses thereafter a line employment of €3. If it again wins should it with this employment remain. The advantage is that also with one „Gewinnsträhne is not risked “everything. Each mark is lost if a spin reduces the player the employment around €1. if the employment then only €1 amounts to remains it so for a long time to it again winning should and the whole procedure repeats themselves. Thus one sat down a limit and has still control of its bank roll.